Maybe If Matt Harvey Didn’t Break Up with His Model Girlfriend, the Mets Would’ve Won the World Series

The New York Mets lost the World Series in five games. Pitcher Matt Harvey did admirably in game 5, even though the Mets lost the game AND the World Series. His game 1 start was okay stats-wise. But how good could he have been with the power of Ania Cywinska in his corner? Dude broke up with the Polish model weeks prior to the World Series. Seriously, did you need that drama so close to the biggest games of your career…

According to a New York Post source, Harvey’s “an intense guy. They were having issues.” Right, and a hot model girlfriend can’t take the edge off. You could’ve been celebrating with a World Series ring and Cywinska partying it up in Manhattan.

This girl, THIS girl.

Instead you have no ring and no hot girlfriend. Putz.

[Image: Erez Sabag]

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