Packers Fans Blame Olivia Munn for Aaron Rodgers’ Poor Performance

The Green Bay Packers are in a losing streak – it’s been three games, does that count as a streak? Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been underperforming recently, maybe some of you football-heads know what that might mean. The stupid thing here is that fans desperately searching for meaning in the losing streak have started blaming Rodger’s girlfriend Olivia Munn for his less than stellar game play.

Great point! Actually, it’s pretty dumb, but ESPN’s Rob Demovsky wrote an article, “Five Reasons Why Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is Struggling” and one reason was “Possible Off-Field issues?”

“A longtime NFL agent told me recently that when he sees one of his top-performing clients play differently, as Rodgers has of late, the first thing he wonders is if something is going on in his personal life. There’s no indication that Rodgers’ relationship status has changed. Lions reporters said they spotted Rodgers’ girlfriend, actress Olivia Munn, at Lambeau Field on Sunday. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that professional athletes have lives away from the field, and you never know what could be going on in their personal lives.”

My limited understanding is that things are fine, if not really good, in Rodgers’ off-field life. Munn appeared on Watch What Happens Live last year and was grilled about her sex life by host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Padma Lakshmi. She asked “Can you have sex the night before? Is that game day?” Munn’s response,

“There’s no rules, by the way. It’s just doesn’t happen usually because there’s a lot to do. But usually yes. I try to have sex as much as I can.”

WOW sounds like Rodgers is really having off-field issues!

But now Munn has taken to her Twitter to call out some of the racist comments going around with all this (Munn is half-Chinese).

This whole thing strikes me as so lame. Munn and Rodgers have been dating since April, they didn’t start dating three games ago, so she can’t be a jinx. Women aren’t that scary, football fans!

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