Paris Hilton’s Lazy Eye Getting Worse

There’s been debate about whether Paris Hilton’s lazy eye resulted from plastic surgery gone wrong or genetics. Whatever the case, it looks like something’s making that eye worse.

Hilton and her wonky eye showed up to Kylie Jenner’s party. That thing is halfway shut. It doesn’t seem like an unflattering photog angle either. I’m surprised that Hilton didn’t spend half the party walking around in circles because she couldn’t see.

Also surprising that Hilton showed up to Kylie’s party. Didn’t Hilton and Kim Kardashian have a falling out? Kardashian used to be Hilton’s fake BFF and eventually social climbed over her. Hilton even once said “I created Kim Kardashian, her whole family owes me life.

Hilton must be hard up for some press now. Sucks to have to play the game.

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8 years ago

Paris Hilton’s lazy brain getting even worse…

Mental Floss
Mental Floss
8 years ago

I notice that “lazy eye” in other celebrities who have had plastic surgery. These celebrities must have the same plastic surgeon or, the surgeons all went to the same training?:))