Rihanna Scared of Adele and Now Her New Album Might Never Come Out

Rihanna has teamed up with Samsung for a giveaway of her upcoming album ANTI, as a part of a $25 million deal. But now they’re worried about how this will work chart-wise, even though we all know the music industry is changing and do the charts really matter if you’re Rihanna?

ANTI‘s release date has been jumping all over the calendar as well, originally set for release 11/20, then 11/6, but now maybe 12/4 or 12/11? Then Adele came out of nowhere with news of 25 and Rihanna doesn’t want to compete with Adele. Because who could. But who among us isn’t going to listen to both of these albums on Spotify or a YouTube video playlist?

Now her dad Ronald Fenty told The Sun that RiRi is “not happy” and “not comfortable” with how ANTI has turned out. That doesn’t sound great. I haven’t listened to a full Rihanna album since Loud, but I hope this works out for her. Then again, she doesn’t have a whole lot to worry about, it’s not like she’s on the brink of being a has-been. She was just cast in the new Luc Besson movie and has joined The Voice this season.

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Mental Floss
Mental Floss
8 years ago

Rihanna will survive, no matter what. I have never known her to not have confidence in her music. If this is true, that’s quite unusual for her. She’ll be fine.

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson
8 years ago
Reply to  Mental Floss

True. Rihanna has survived despite all her terrible music. One more soulless, overprocessed, sonic diarrhea of an album wont hurt her.