Ronda Rousey’s Tips for Great Sex and Thoughts on Lube and Teeth

Ronda Rousey’s star is blowing up which means one crowing achievement. She now gets to answer reader mail on sex and dating. Woo-hoo! First question, Ronda, why are you so sexy? Why?? WHYYYY?

Rousey and Maxim (that is STILL around??) dipped their hands into the mail bag and pulled out their fav questions.

On what to wear on a first date:

Well, I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t wear, and that’s really tight, skinny jeans… If they’re so tight that you have to stand up to put something in your pocket? They’re too skinny. If it seems like it would be really difficult to get in them, that’s not good. If you’re trying to take your pants off, and they turn inside out in the process?

On her perfect date:

Seriously, if a guy had a pick-up truck and took me out to the Malibu mountains out here in L.A., that’s the perfect date for me. Even if we just had a cooler full of cider beer and an air mattress. I just want to tailgate, drink beer, and hang out in the middle of nowhere in a pick-up truck. That’s my ideal date. As far as the best present, If a guy showed up at my door with some buffalo wings and cider beer, that’d be it for me. Because I have all the stuff that I want. Buffalo wings and cider is all I need.

Nice, a cheap date. Some beer and an air mattress. I could do that. Rousey and my non-skinny jeans wearing, Buffalo wings eatin’, truck drivin’ self.

Rousey’s big no-no during sexy moments:

For what you should never do: Don’t bite my teeth! If my teeth are repeatedly hitting your teeth, then there’s a problem with what you’re doing. That freaks me out. I don’t like it. It’s terrible. I have a thing about my teeth. Even though I do a sport where I get punched in the face for a living, if your teeth hit my teeth more than a few times, I’m over it already.

Who the hell is biting teeth?  I’d be afraid of chipped enamel. Dentists don’t come cheap, and neither does this blogger’s smile.

Rousey’s big yes-yes during sexy moments:

What should a guy always do? Take his time. In general, a girl takes a minute. He needs to get her ready. You should never need lube in your life. If you need lube, than you’re being lazy…and you’re not taking your time.

Hmm…no lube you say. But but…think of the time savings. Lube is like a lifehack. A shortcut if you will. What about the woman you say? Well, what ABOUT the woman? Sheesh. Isn’t it enough that I’m participating??

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E.B. H.
E.B. H.
7 years ago

Who the hell would be interested in this dumbass writer, except for another dumbass? Dumbass.

Suzy Q
Suzy Q
7 years ago
Reply to  E.B. H.

guess you don’t have great sex!!! sucks to be yoU!! lol