Ryan Gosling To Star In ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel, ‘Blade Runner 2: Back in the Habit’


First of all, do we need a Blade Runner sequel?

Well, whether we need one or not, Ryan Gosling is in negotiations right now to star in Alcon Entertainment’s sequel to the sci-fi classic. It will be directed by Prisoners helmer Denis Villeneuve. Ridley Scott, director of the original classic based on the Philip K. Dick novel, is on as executive producer and Harrison Ford is gonna reprise his role as replicant hunter Rick Deckard. I am already getting Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull vibes from this. Leave old man Ford alone. Everybody knows that sequels of things everybody loves never go down smooth. I guess edgy indie film star art guy Ryan Gosling is supposed to make us all feel like this is a good idea?

Hampton Fancher (co-writer of the original) and Michael Green have written the original screenplay for the sequel based on an idea of Fancher and Scott’s. The story takes place a few decades after the conclusion of the 1982 original, which is good. That means they won’t do that Hollywood thing where the slap a letterman’s jacket on somebody with crow’s feet and expect us to believe that they’re sophomores. Harrison Ford would have to be like a fifth-year senior or something. Specific story details, as well as Gosling’s character, are now being kept under wraps [Ed. note: Ridley Scott revealed opening scene details as a starter]. Shooting on the film is scheduled to begin summer 2016.

Really, this film has everything on earth backing it up to make it look like it’s gonna be successful as hell. The list of credits of everybody involved reads like some kind of genetically modified dream team to create the perfect sci-fi film.

But my sequel burnout betrayal runs too deep. I suggest we all keep an eye on this.

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