Sandra Bullock Weighs in on the Hollywood Wage Gap

I bet Kate Winslet is feeling super uncomfortable right now. Sandra Bullock is done with Hollywood’s sexism, though she takes a different approach than Jennifer Lawrence, who thinks the problem goes deeper than money. She told Variety,

“It’s a bigger issue than money. I know we’re focused on the money part right now. That’s just a byproduct.”

This is actually a pretty smart way to look at it. Stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Four elite bigwigs didn’t get together one day and go, ‘Let’s just pay women less for…uhhhh fun?’ This isn’t a written law or a random coincidence. It’s a cultural thing that’s become so normal that people who are involved in it don’t even realize what they’re doing or why.

Bullock opened up about one of her worst experiences in the industry, on a film she was in 10 years ago, and how it made her feel,

“I was destroyed, because you can’t unsee something. It was the way I was being treated, because I was female, versus the way others were being treated… It took a year and a half, where I regrouped, and thought, “Okay, this is an isolated case.” I’ve had other subtle experiences, but nothing that blatant. It was a big eye opener, because it wasn’t just men on women. A lot if came from women as well. The blessing of that film was that it opened my eyes.”

This is super important. When feminism is mentioned a lot of people take it as an attack on men, but it’s actually an attack on the shitty opinions we have about women. And a lot of women have these opinions too. It’s what’s led to Jennifer Lawrence’s crusade against the Hollywood Wage Gap. Despite all this, Sandra Bullock is hopeful that things will get better. She said,

“Hollywood has always been at the forefront of pioneering a new road and a new movement. So it’s a blessing that they got caught, and there are a lot of outspoken, narcissistic actors like myself who are very happy to talk about the issue and keep it alive.”

You tell ’em girl. I don’t have a lot of faith in Tinseltown, but I believe in you, Sandra Bullock.


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