‘SNL’ Harnessed the Donald Trump Hate for Ratings

Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live last night giving the show its best ratings since 2012. Not a surprise considering everyone wants to see this doofus fail for being an asshat. Those 200 protestors also helped get some publicity.

How well did the episode do? Trump got the network a 6.6 household rating which obviously means nothing to people who have real lives. To put that in perspective, the season’s previous high was their 41st season premiere hosted by Miley Cyrus with a guest appearance by Hilary Clinton. Their previous high was an episode in January 2012 hosted by Charles Barkley with musical guest Kelly Clarkson. Sadly, this could go down as Trump’s greatest contribution to society.

As for the episode itself, it wasn’t good. The NYT described it as more lifeless than his hairpiece. SNL seemed to play it safe with Trump who said he could “take a joke”. However, Trump himself said he had vetoed some material he found “too risqué”, meaning “wah wah, I don’t like you making fun of me.”

Of course, SNL wouldn’t be SNL if they didn’t parody Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video featuring a horrid cameo by Donald Trump. Yep, Trump is very punchable.

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Mental Floss
Mental Floss
8 years ago

Sideshow Trump should be home studying Foreign Policies and writing out a plan for America, should he become president. Instead, he made a fool of himself on SNL thinking that this might help him win the “contest.”