Stoya Accuses James Deen of Rape

On Saturday, Stoya accused James Deen of rape. Stoya, of course, is the ex-girlfriend of Deen who is currently porn’s most beloved male actor and feminist hero.

Fellow porn star Joanna Angel tweeted her support.

Comic book writer Ales Kot also tweeted his support and wrote that there’s another victim ready to come forward.

As a result of these recent allegations, The Frisky has made the decision to no longer publish James Deen’s sex advice column.

There’s been no response from James Deen as of yet, but this has really put his past tweets into perspective.

Yikes. I’m pretty sure my jokes are going to come back to haunt me too. The only difference is it probably won’t be after allegations of rape. Because I always settle out of court. Aw, dammit. Not again.

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