The Game Still Showing His Python to Everyone

The Game realized everyone started talking about him when he stuck his python in everyone’s face a week ago. So hey, if people like it once, they’ll like it again. So goes The Game’s thought process. Let this not be a trend. In any case, for all the women readers out there, here’s The Game grabbing his porn dick and hashtagging the motherlovin’ life out of it.

Choice hashtags by The Game:

#YouBoutToWorkUpASweatPunchinThatMonkey #AndPutThemToysAway #NowPutOnUsherConfessionsAlbumAndLetItPlayThrough #NowTouchThatPearlTongueAndGoCounterClockwise #Slowly #iSaidSlowly #DontMakeMeSlapYourHandAndMakeYouStartOver #YouBoutToGetItAteLikeGroceries #ButOrganicGroceriesCauseImOnAStrictDiet

There were some good ones in there. Unfortunately, don’t think those hashtags will get you much SEO juice, Game.

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Mental Floss
Mental Floss
8 years ago