TSwift Chills Near but Not At Kendall Jenner’s Party: A FEUD!

Taylor Swift’s slightly spooky close knit army of girlfriends may now be setting their sights on Kendall Jenner, who has apparently been in the unimportant, fringe area of Swift’s posse.

Well, on Monday night Swift was seen leaving The Little Door, a spot close to The Nice Guy where Jenner was hosting her birthday party that very same night! And despite Swift’s good friend Gigi Hadid in attendance, Swift herself never stopped by. The horror!

There have been whispers of a Swift-Jenner falling out due to Jenner’s involvement with Harry Styles from November 2013 to February 2014, and they were flirting a little bit again earlier this year.

Personally I would love to see what Taylor Swift’s rules for friendship are (not the ones she revealed on her tour this year) and any insight into initiation rituals would be great too!


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Mental Floss
Mental Floss
8 years ago

Ah! Taylor Swift is that insecure that she’s going to let a man come between her and a friend. How disappointing,Taylor. All that girl power. Doesn’t seem too empowering when you, according to accounts, disavow your bestie, Kendall, because of Harry.