Urban Legend Goatman Sighted in Three States

This is news to me but apparently “Goatman” is a thing. See if you can follow me here, Goatman is a goat-man hybrid. He was first spotted in 1957 in Maryland and has been allegedly murdering hikers ever since.

Goatman has been sighted recently in Wisconsin, Texas, and Kentucky. Presumably not much is known about Goatman and how he functions, but it’s safe to say dude hasn’t been taking planes, trains, or evenĀ automobiles as Wisconsin is the only of those states without toll roads. I’m saying someone must have seen him.

As someone who has had a first-hand werewolf sighting, even I think Goatman is a load of crap. However, you must watch this conspiracy video. It’s very funny. You could even make a drinking game out of it! Do a shot anytime our narrator says “quote” and you’ll black out quickly.

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7 years ago

Theres so much truth hidden from us, sheeple. I personally believe this creature exists. Legends/myths have a grain of truth, dont ever forget that. Its so easy to dismiss such things as jokes, rumours, lies, conspiracist stuff and so on. So so easy. Because the truth would frighten u. And btw conspiracists are ppl who got fed up with official BS.

7 years ago

The sightings they are referring to are old sightings.

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