‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Jeffrey Dean Morgan as New Villain, Read More for Spoilers

Ok, first of all I thought The Walking Dead had been canceled and I wouldn’t have to hear about it anymore. But here’s news that they’ve cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is still famous to me as the guy Katherine Heigl fell in love with in Grey’s Anatomy and then died, as Negan, a Very Important Villain. He will appear in the last episode of season six and then as a regular in season seven, which makes it seem like there’s going to be a seventh season of The Walking Dead.

[Ed. note: Major spoilers ahead.]

In the comics, Negan (pronounced Knee-gin or Megan?) has a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire named Lucille, that he beats Glenn with in his first appearance. That should make for riveting television. He’s also the leader of a group called The Saviors who are not saviors. Big surprise. They steal supplies from other survivors via violence. Isn’t that just every bad guy in Walking Dead?

They’ve cast some other actors and bumped up Tovah Feldshuh,¬†Alexandra Breckenridge,¬†and Austin Nichols to series regulars. Sounds to me like this show might just go on forever. Maybe I just dreamt that it was canceled, I guess why cancel the highest rated show on TV, right? Oh well. Congratulations to Jeffrey Dean Morgan and all the new series regulars, you all deserve success even if I don’t like your show.

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