Wisconsin Clown Stands on Street Corners and Stares. Not Cool.

In Waukesha, Wisconsin, locals and Carroll University students are haunted by an ominous clown who stands on street corners and stares at people.

Nick Bohr of WISN 12 ABC in Milwaukee is on the case big time, it’s sort of cute.

Shortly after the report, Bohr took to Twitter again to announce that the mystery had been solved and that the clown is a “developmentally delayed” teen boy. According to Police Sgt. Jerry Habanek, he “likes to watch the reactions people have when he’s dressed as a clown.”

Become an actor dude! Work at a haunted house! Don’t stand on street corners, that’s really scary!

But then, the story took a turn. An apparent copycat clown appeared, while the original clown boy was with his family.

The town of Waukesha is under siege. I am so happy I don’t go to Carroll University.

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