Woman Follows Her Dreams, Exchanges Sex for All-Expenses Paid Trip to the Harry Potter Theme Park

A Florida woman recently posted an insane Craigslist ad, complete with nude photographs, to tempt a wealthy benefactor into taking her to the new Harry Potter theme park in exchange for some bedroom magic. The ad read:

I am huge Harry Potter fan! The Harry Potter theme park recently opened adn I need to get there but have no possible way of getting there let alone affording the costs that come with the trip such as hotel, food and entry fee. I want to start off by saying I am not a slut… i just know what guys want and I know I have a nice body. So here is what I am looking foor. I need a ‘partner’ to take me to Harry Potter theme park. I will act as if you are my boyfriend for however long we decide to go. This could turn into something after the trip is over but we will see. You will need to pay for everything that is talked about above and I will pay you in sexual favors in the morning and at night. We can share a bed but I do not like kissing or snuggling. Holding hands at the park is fine. Just respect me and I will respect you. I am all about respect. Check the pictures below and text me to see a face pic! TALK TO YOU SOON : )

To go with the ad she posted some suggestive pictures of her in Harry Potter merch. Knowing she probably bought these at Hot Topic when she was 12 makes me feel kind of weird, but if there’s anything I know, it’s that a little weirdness never stopped a wizard from polishing his wand.

According to DudeComedy’s coverage of this incredible event, she managed to conjure herself up a sugar daddy and the dreams this ambitious Harry Potter fan came true.  All was well.

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