‘Zoolander 2’ Trailer Gets Me By Killing Justin Bieber, Loses Me With Weak Trans ‘Joke’

Zoolander 2 answers the question no one asked. Ever.

How would Derek Zoolander and Hansel handle getting older? Thank god we have this pretty weak-looking sequel to answer that existential goddamn quandary.

We all know that Zoolander is an untouchable comedy of the 2000’s. It’s truly a classic film. It’s probably better than Casablanca. But from the looks of the humor in this, I’d say the real joke of this film isn’t gonna be on how stale and old our leads are, but on how stale and irrelevant the jokes used in this film are.

From the pair wearing name tags that say ‘Hello My Name Is Old’ and ‘Hello My Name is Lame’–Which Derek thinks is pronounced “Lamé”– to casting pasty lizard man Benedict Cumberbatch as an androgynous model whose androgyny is the butt of a really uninspired joke, nothing about this trailer hits the right funny notes. What we find funny has changed. Tastes have evolved over the last twenty years. Honestly, while I do take issue with the ‘hot dog or bun’ joke being terrible, it’s almost too cliche and juvenile for me to care enough to get mad.

Usually when people go out to be ignorant and destroy my childhood like this I at least kind of give a s**t, but at least Justin Bieber gets murdered, which honestly also falls pretty flat.

Check out the trailer below.

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8 years ago

*blinks like an owl* That… was a weak trans joke? I take it you’ve never heard of the word Androgynous?