4chan is Using Operation ‘ALLAHU QUACKBAR’ To Fight ISIS, According to 4chan

4Chan, famous for being the racist, sexist, violent, sexually depraved, but occasionally really funny, backwater of the internet, is taking on ISIS with Photoshop.

In what has been declared operation “ALLAHU QUACKBAR” by 4chan users, they are Photoshopping pics of ISIS and replacing the terrorists’ faces with yellow rubber ducks and their guns with toilet bowl brushes.

I don’t see how this will solve anything, or does anything to ‘fight ISIS’ but you go try and stop 4chan users from doing whatever the hell they want. Good luck, buddy.

Operation “ALLAHU QUACKBAR’ gained traction on the 4chan board Shit4chanSays. This forum ironically hosts “the best” of all the hideous content regularly generated by 4chan’s users.

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