Big Pharma Pissbaby Martin Shkreli Arrested For Fraud

Is it for being 1000 lizards masquerading in a person suit because tbh…..

Sorry, that was cruel to lizards. Anyway, this asshole, famous for jacking up the price of lifesaving HIV meds 5000% and saying that his only regret was not making the drugs even more expensive, was arrested by the Feds Thursday at his midtown Manhattan evil lair. I am so excited to tell you what the disgusting creature has been nailed with.

The securities fraud charges are linked to a biotechnology firm he founded in 2011 called Retrophin Inc. Bloomberg says that this walking s**t stain has been accused of illegally using stock and cash from the company to pay down debts from “unrelated business dealings.”

I mean, he’s rich, so there will literally be no consequences for his actions most likely, but still.

Retrophin actually filed charges against him in August for using the company like his own personal pile of treasure and hiring fake employees and doing all kinds of weird s**t to appease unhappy customers at his failed hedge fund, MSMB Capital Management. According to Shkreli, they were just trying to avoid paying him his severance package by starting s**t.

Not like anyone is gonna take this hideous nipple’s side on anything until the end of time, but in case you were, check out the kind of dirt Shkreli’s been sticking his dick in for real, and not just trying to stick his dick in. According to Newsweek:

For example, MSMB made a $900,000 investment in Retrophin. Afterward, on February 1, 2012, the investment was reclassified as a loan. That would be as if an investor purchased a share in Microsoft and then later demanded full repayment of the purchase price plus interest, regardless of the market price for the stock.

The $900,000 plus interest was returned to MSMB on March 31, 2013. That same day, another $575,000 was paid to Shkreli as a purported performance bonus; all of that money, in fact, allegedly went directly to pay for settlement of arbitration against MSMB and Shkreli. Then, according to the data obtained by the government, the company paid or forgave another $1.2 million of obligations primarily for the benefit of MSMB, none of which was disclosed.

I hope this motherfucker fries like an egg. A greasy, greasy soulless egg.

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