Bill Cosby Is Finally Being Charged With Felony Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby raped at least fifty women over decades and no one gave a s**t. 35 of his victims spoke to New York Magazine about it this summer. 35 goddamn people. There’s fifty that we even know of. Outside of being a rapist, he also was into pouring oatmeal on his victims.

I have no idea how that slid under the radar. Big media doesn’t give a s**t about women and the minefield of sexual violence we exist in, but it loves pimping weird s**t like that.

Why are we even talking about this? It’s not fifty years worth of accusations everyone ignored from the women he assaulted. It’s because a comedian made a joke about it last year. Thanks Hannibal Burress.

The most recent charges stem from Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee who claimed that in 2004 Cosby drugged and assaulted her. Montgomery County authorities investigated her claims, eventually throwing out her case claiming ‘she was just on her period and being kind of bitchy or something’.

All right, they cited lack of evidence. But now that 50 other people have come forward claiming that Bill Cosby fucking sexually assaulted them, who’s looking ‘kind of bitchy or something’ now, Montgomery County authorities?

District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman reopened the investigation this summer, after 50 other woman came forward with similar claims about Cosby. Ferman said the charges were based on new evidence and Cosby gave Constand pills and wine, rendering her unable to consent to sexual activity with Cosby.

PA has a 12-year statute of limitations for felony sex crimes, so Ferman had until January to file a case. If convicted, Cosby could face up to 10 years in prison. What is he, like 1000 years old? Does he even have ten years left? F**k you, Bill Cosby.

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