Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Are Expecting

After filing for divorce from Miranda Lambert in July, Blake Shelton spared no time in moving on. Finding partnership in the Voice co-host and fellow divorcee, Gwen Stefani, the relationship has moved remarkably fast.

When rumors of their union began circulating, I figured they were just rumors post a re-bound hook up. That soon proved to not be the case as the two got snuggly all over all social media ever. They’re the couple of the minute. And now they’re opening up their hearts and bank accounts to a new celebaby. Number 4 for Gwen. Number 1 for Blake.

I figure for people who procreate… it’s kind of their thing. It’s something they like to do. It’s a hobby. So what do you do when you suddenly feel the void of where a spouse used to lay? You know that empty space in your proverbial uterus?

Fill it with a kid.

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