Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland Are Both Writing for the New ‘MST3K’, Thanks @God

Rick and Morty

The clock is ticking down on the Kickstarter to bring Mystery Science Theater 3000 back with a 12 episode season. So if you have any extra goddamn money, go give it up to them right now. It’s still over a million short of its 5.5 million dollar goal, and as a total nerd I cannot stand for this.

Show creator Joel Hodgson is not even in the vicinity of screwing around. Aside from a telethon featuring some famous nerds, he’s bringing killer guest writer after killer guest writer onto this project. You’ve got Dan Harmon and his Rick And Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. You’ve got comedy writer Rob Schrab, and former writer on The Simpsons, Dana Gould.

This show literally has to happen. Robert Lopez, the sadist who wrote “Let It Go” (that’s right, the goddamn theme song from Frozen), is writing some music for this. Why? Because Hodgson is throwing every talented weirdo he can find on this goddamn thing. The list of celebrity cameos will probably be miles long. Some people have even pledged as much as $10,000 to have their own one-liners thrown in.

Bottom line: If you’ve got money to throw, throw it at this.

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