Hate Yourself by Paying $400 for New Year’s Eve Dinner at Olive Garden

If you eat at Olive Garden, congratulations, you have lost all hope in life. Kill yourself now. Yet, for some tourists in New York, getting close to the ball drop means paying exorbitant prices for a nice, warm seat away from the riff raff of other tourists. The Olive Garden in Times Square plans to charge $400 for a place in their restaurant. That’s 50 burritos, what’s up with that.

Oh, but wait, you get benefits with your meal.

The Olive Garden fest includes a DJ, open bar and buffet meal — but no breadsticks, a staple of the “You’re Family” eatery.

Yea, that’s right, a DJ at your meal. This sounds worse than a cruise ship. Will you even get to see the ball drop?

“It’s a limited view,” said Michael Garver, a manager of the eatery at 47th Street and Broadway.

$400!?! I’ll show YOU a ball drop and you won’t even pay more than a Benjamin.

(Image: Flickr)

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