If You Want This Hot Jogger to Run Into Your Arms, I Have Some News for You

A shirtless jogger that got interviewed on a Chicago newscast’s story on the unseasonably warm weather is turning up the heat.

Is it hot in here because of global warming, or is it just his pecs glistening with sweat and rainwater?

Ethan Renoe has blown up. The video of him being interviewed has gotten more than a million views in less than 12 hours. He says that he’s single and looking for love, and the internet has a lot of love for him. Comments run the full range of

“I need his number.”

“I’d like to hook him up with my sister. I think they’d be a cute couple.”

“Baby you are fine as wine!”

And my personal favorite from a horny grandma:

“I LOVE HIM !!!! I’M 71 and married lololol”

You go horny grandma.

Before you get on the Shirtless Wonder bandwagon, keep these two things in mind.

1. If you want to be hopping on this bandwagon be prepared to take a number. This guy has nearly 1000 Facebook friend requests right now.

2. After stalking his social media accounts, some Facebook users have gotten the vibe that he’s a “bible-thumping porn addict.” But hey, no one’s perfect.

ETHAN THE SHIRTLESS WONDERThe shirtless jogger from last night's viral video just joined WGN Morning News. When asked if he's looking for love, he said, "I am."Here's how you can contact him!

Posted by WGN TV onMonday, December 14, 2015

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