In Her Quest To Rule All, Taylor Swift Discovers Her Look-A-Like

One Taylor Swift just wasn’t enough for the world. After Taylor Swift took her entire crew to Australia to celebrate the end of her ‘1989’ tour, it was discovered that there is more than just one superhumanly tall, thin, almond-eyed, shoulder length blond model with side swept bangs in the world.

That in itself isn’t surprising. But the rather uncanny resemblance totally is. The Swifts are multiplying. Soon, you won’t be able to open your mouth without permission from her copyright attorney.

So without further ado, here is Swifty no. 2 – Olivia Sturgiss, a 19-year old Aussie born Taylor lookalike.

Per the Daily Mail, Olivia shares:

I got my hair cut consciously like hers but everything else is just sort of coincidental.

Ok, cool. But will Swifty be suing?

Maybe not since folklore often suggests that meeting your doppelgänger is a sign of imminent death.

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