Jared Leto Says His Joker Will Make Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson Proud

The reactions to all the sneak peaks of the upcoming film Suicide Squad run the full range of ‘YAAAAAAASSSSSS’ and ‘That looks like a film solely made for the purposes of selling Hot Topic merchandise.’

People are equally hot and cold about Jraed Leto’s Joker. Some have already decided he looks like some 13-year-old emo kid’s sexual fantasy and is gonna suck harder than his character looks like he does on a meth pipe, others are more optimistic. However, it looks like no one is more optimistic than Leto himself, who is already congratulating himself on a job well done. Lucky for us, he stopped jerking off long enough to share this meme on instagram.

I officially hope this film tanks harder than a goddamn Blitzkrieg. Shut up Jared Leto. Just shut up. Heath Ledger didn’t die for this.

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