Justin Bieber Creeps Through Instagram Looking for Girls to Bone

Alright, so who hasn’t stealth thirsted on some stranger’s Instagram accounts before? If you haven’t ever ended up accidentally stalking a stranger’s account because you wanted to do them, you’re lying. However, it’s a little different when you’re low key about it and don’t advertise it to your 47 million followers. You scroll through some pictures and you move on.

Not when you’re J-Beebz. This dude, who can’t throw a snap back without hitting somebody desperate to do him, left it up to his massive social media following to find Cindy Kimberly, a girl who he found on instagram and thought was hot.

By being this dead ass about it, he ran the risks of her being 14 and him looking like a pedophile, or her having decent musical taste and telling him to go suck his own dick. Fortunately for Bieber, and unfortunately for us, this chick is both of age and a fan of his ‘music’.

I’ll bet you $400 he’s tapped her, rolled off her, grunted, and returned to masturbating his massive ego by Friday.

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7 years ago

yo, this website is SOOOOOO happening!

Fergus O'Byrne
Fergus O'Byrne
7 years ago

That girl is far too good to be defiled by a slimy creep like Bieber.