Justin Bieber’s X-Rated Game of ‘Truth or Dare’ With Model Ends In Three Way

Model Laura Carter, who had been picked off the London’s Tape nightclub dance floor by the Beebz after he headlined the Jingle Bell Ball at London’s 02 Arena, said that sex with him was “amazing”.

Those naked pictures did not do him justice.”

The 30-year-old model said. Of course they didn’t. Ugh. Of course, she spilled all the deetz.

“I was taken to this huge room which had been kitted out with a massive sound system and there was booze everywhere.

There were four boys and a group of ten girls, all really glamorous.”

I hope she meant that sarcastically. You almost can’t graduate high school without ending up at a party just like that, whether you want to or not.

“The party was in full swing and Justin was showing off his dance moves.”

Justin Bieber? Showing off? Shocking. 

“He said, ‘Right, girls, let’s play.’ He kissed one of the girls as a dare and that’s when it started to get on another level.”

Bieber took one girl back to the bedroom before coming back for Carter 20 minutes later. She entered the room, led by Bieber in his boxers, to find another girl in her underwear laying on a king size bed draped in satin sheets.

This is too much cheese for me.

Carter went on to say:

“We got on to the bed and all started fooling around together.”

However, according to her, this ménage à trois turned into a menage a wah (as in the other girl throwing a fucking tantrum) and leaving all pissed off when she wasn’t being given enough attention.

“Justin didn’t go after her. In fact, he seemed more into it, happier, when it was just me and him.”

Sure he did. 

“We just had the most amazing sex. We’d stop for a while and have a cigarette together and a chat.”

For me, the most unbelievable part of this is that Justin Bieber can stop thinking about himself long enough to be a good lay, but hey. Whatever.

(Image: Laura Carter)

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