Katie Cassidy of ‘Arrow’ on Female Empowerment and Oh Look, Bikini Pics

One more season until Arrow hits the 100 episode mark. That means syndication money. Cha-ching! When that happens, Katie Cassidy can spend more time in a bikini. Good news for us.

Cassidy ventured out to the frigid waters of Miami. It’s 80-something in Miami right now. See why everyone wants to be an actor or model? All you do is show up, prance around, say some lines people wrote for you, then collect your check as you work on your tan. There’s a requirement for all that though. Don’t be ugly.

She’s full-on for this Black Canary character on the show. She mentioned in a recent interview about female superheroes and empowerment.

Now I think, especially in the past couple of years, comics have come back so much so in media and television and movies. How has it been to be a part of that?

Cassidy: It’s almost surreal. I’m in it, so it’s hard to disassociate myself from it, but it honestly is such an honor and a blessing. We’re really lucky and I think timing was really important. I think just the way the world is today, with strong women and being able to be empowering, it has just been amazing and fulfilling. It’s just a dream come true and honestly, I just feel grateful for all of it. I appreciate every moment that we have. We’ve become a family together, it’s just fantastic.

Awesome, go play dress up. Just be sure to have the food ready at dinnertime.

Seriously though, women have been getting strong roles. There’s a big reaction to Jessica Jones on abuse and male privilege. The Atlantic titled a recent post on Daisy Ridley in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, “Star Wars: The Feminism Awakens.”

While Cassidy won’t get the publicity that those roles get, at least Hollywood’s doing something right. And bikinis.

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