Kim and Kanye Named Their Baby

Ready for the big reveal? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their baby, Saint. As in Saint West. Not a big surprise two people with the biggest egos start their kid off with an ego also. Is there something wrong with Timothy or Robert? Babies become vanity plates for celebs. No wonder celeb children grow up with so many problems.

Radar gives the reasons why K&K named their children, Saint. I’m not sure if I believe Radar this time. At the same time, it’s so out there and believable that Kanye and Kim would do what they say, that it could also be true.

Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West chose the name “Saint” for their newborn son because they believe their child is holy…

As Radar previously reported, the baby was initially due on Christmas – the day Christians believe Jesus was born.

Ummm, yea. That line of reasoning transcends ego and goes into borderline cult, sociopathic behavior.

“She [Kim] told friends he must be the second coming of Christ,” sources said.

“They honestly believe that they are some divine couple that has been brought to earth,” the source insisted.

Please say this ‘source’ is fucking with everyone right now. Either that or Kim and Kanye believe there’s a mole in their camp and leaked this ludicrousness on purpose.

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