Kylie Jenner’s Ass Covers Interview

Kylie Jenner has made a name for herself by being famous for doing absolutely nothing much like her sister Kim. It’s actually pretty incredible. She went from being the Kardashian sister that nobody cared about to being a master at social media gaining legions of fans who all watch her be fake on Snapchat. No, really. Kylie tells the latest issue of Interview, “I’m way flashier on Instagram and Snapchat because I feel like that’s what people want to see and that’s what I’ve always done, so I’m not going to stop. People want to see my cars and my purses… but that’s so not me.”

She tells the magazine that when she turns 30 she wants to go off the grid and become a chicken farmer. Which is an amazing lie. The only way a Kardashian would step out of the spotlight is if you knocked them over the head with a mallet and dragged them out of it.

Anyway, here’s Kylie pretending to be a sex doll in her Interview shoot and paying homage to her sister’s Paper magazine spread which broke the internet.

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Mental Floss
Mental Floss
8 years ago

The house that Kylie built on lies and fakery. Tsk tsk. If Kylie keeps this up SHE will be in a box because of all the plastic in her body. For an 18 year old, she looks like a billion years old.