I Would Like to Thank God and Also Jesus for This Accidental Idris Elba Dick Pic

I have always believed, deep in my heart, that Idris Elba has the kind of dick that a tightrope walker could walk across. And, as usual, I was right as hell. Take a look at this.

Elba joins the ranks of The Game and Jon Hamm in the ‘Dick Too Bomb’ club.

Christmas is coming and so am I. This picture, taken in New York earlier today, not only crosses everything off of my holiday list, but checks it twice. I will cherish this gift forever.

(Image: Greg Charles Facebook)

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7 years ago

This article is disgusting and not worthy of being published. You shame women everywhere by talking about this, let alone sounding excited.

Pull your head in you repugnant creature, and stop setting the feminist movement, that the rest of us are working so hard on, back by a decade with every word you write.