New Carl’s Jr. Commercial Features Rick And Morty And Not Even One Boob

Is Carl’s Jr. feeling ok? Not anywhere in this commercial is some weird faux-porn s**t involving a woman who probably hasn’t eaten in years having a pound of meat slowly inserted into her mouth. I don’t feel violated in any way by this commercial. It’s not the most bottom of the barrel manipulative advertising bullshit.

Maybe Carl’s Jr. has hired a new guy?

I’m really mad at them for using Rick And Morty, my favorite TV show, to sell their nasty ass burgers, and even more mad that they’ve done it so effectively. To be real, this is some funny s**t. Rick busting in on Morty’s room in the middle of the night with an endless parade of grease-puking-life-sized hell-burgers is something that could totally happen in an actual episode of Rick And Morty.

Considering we’re not getting a season three of this baby for a long ass time, I’ll take what I can get.

Check it out.

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