New (Totally Real) Conspiracy Proves That Vladimir Putin Is Hundreds of Years Old and Probably Immortal

I believe this unquestioningly. And you cannot convince me otherwise.

UFO news site Disclose.tvhas compared photos of Russian president Vladimir Putin to photos of ‘Russian soldiers’ (def Putin) from the ’20s and the ’40s and they got me like:

Not only is this totally and undeniably real, but it also proves the universal truth that Buzzfeed uncovered about Putin being the model for the Mona Lisa.

Good luck unseeing that, fuckers. You can never unsee THE TRUTH.

Honestly, being hundreds of years old would explain Putin’s fucked up attitude toward LGBT people, and also his love of shirtless horseback riding.  That’s what they did in the olden days, right? I’m gonna go with yes.

(H/T Death & Taxes)

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