New York Father and Son Commit Grand Theft Poultry

Slow clap it out for these two assholes for stealing over $40K in chicken wings.

How did they even swing $41,000 worth of chicken theft? Either these wings are gold-plated or these two are the hungriest criminal masterminds since Hannibal Lecter.

Syracuse area crime lords, Paul Rojek, and his son, Joshua, who were employed as cooks at the Twin Trees Two Restaurant, face charges for grand larceny and falsifying business documents after billing large orders to the restaurant’s business account and then selling them to other nearby establishments and on the street.

Wow, and these two thought they’d never get caught? Talk about shitting where you eat.


The father and son would also destroy evidence of the orders, which is just precious. They ran a surprisingly admirable game, as the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office believes these two were peddling black market wings from February to November of 2015.

For their extra spicy crimes, a judge set the dynamic duo’s bail at at mild $2,500 on the 24th.

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