Oscar Pistorius Guilty of Murdering, Previous Verdict Overturned

An athlete at the top of his game kills his woman and gets away with it. Strongly paralleling the 1994-1995 O.J. Simpson trial, Oscar Pistorius walked away with a similarly surprising verdict in 2014 and was almost a perfect shadow of O.J.’s.

With damning evidence and a dead girlfriend shot four times through a closed door, Oscar Pistorius was previously sentenced to five years behind bars on a conviction for culpable homicide (comparable to American manslaughter)–establishing yet another tragedy in the death of Reeva Steencamp. Instead just short of a year following the conviction, he was released into the custody of an uncle to serve house arrest.

Denise Brown, Simpson’s former sister-in-law, is not ignorant to the continuing pattern of elite athletes getting away with murder.

It saddens me that 20 years after my sister Nicole’s murder, we are still seeing the same crimes, just different names, over and over again,” she said.

And it appears neither is the South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal in their overturning of the prior verdict. Facts considered in the case include: the number of shots fired assert an intent to kill whomever was on the other side of the door, and was not an act of self defense as he made no effort to warn the alleged intruder.

South African law does not have Stand Your Ground legislation like many US states and instead mandates:

Under South African law you cannot just shoot – you first need to determine that the threat to your life is real and that there is no other way to eliminate that threat but to shoot.

Although not present at the hearing, Oscar Pistorius will go back to prison unless his defense can determine his rights were violated.

Another golden boy charged, and finally a golden boy set to answer for his crimes.

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