Sooooooo ‘Spaceballs’ or No ‘Spaceballs’ Sequel?

If you’re famous and make any kind of joke in any kind of public forum at any time, you’re going to be quoted… you’re going to be taken out of context… and every fan is going to dredge up a different theory to fill in the blanks where context once lived. Today, the internet went rogue yet again with ‘confirmation‘ of a Spaceballs sequel.

In a February interview with Adam Corolla, President Skroob (also known as Mel Brooks) teased the idea of a Spaceballs reboot to take a bite out of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens frenzy. Toying with Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money and a bit of old-fashioned money hunger, Brooks knows that all of us emotionally stunted cynics crave more balls in space. I’d eat it right out of his hand, if he let me.

To make the film would not be a small feat with John Candy, Joan Rivers and Dom DeLuise all dearly departed and Rick Moranis allegedly in retirement, never mind the 20 year hiatus of Brooks’ directing career.

That is with the exception of a Twitter tease–undoubtedly posted to revive the hushed whispers of a sequel.

Moranis had his own role to play in Spaceballs 2-induced mania, claiming that he’d leave retirement for something interesting.

It’s time. We need this. Write it. Make it interesting. Feed it to me.

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