Steve Aoki Married Tiernan Cowling Who’s 14 Years Younger and Alright Then

Asian Jesus Steve Aoki tied the knot with his Australian model girlfriend, Tiernan Cowling. They’ve been dating for a few years. They’ve also kept their profile pretty low-key. Go ahead and try to find photos of them online. It’s very hard. You run across lots of interesting stuff though while you do. Like Aoki and Selena Gomez cleavage.

Throw your college books away. They’re worthless. Become a DJ and party with models and hot singers.

You can also get away wearing strap-on dildos on your head. Haute couture.

But yea, those two walked down the aisle and it looked something like this.

She’s 14 years younger. Put it another way, he was a high school freshman and she just popped out her mother’s uterus. Cool.

But, can you blame him?

According to US Weekly, Aoki married Cowling in Maui in a small ceremony. No word on if Aoki smashed the wedding cake into Cowling’s face at the end.

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