The 2016 Pirelli Calendar Is Not What You Expected

The yearly Pirelli calendar, produced by the famous tire manufacturer and only given to an exclusive group of 20,000 VIPs, musicians, politicians and royalty, has pretty much been softcore porn. Until now. Their 2016 calendar, shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, features hot pieces of ass like Kathleen Kennedy, Fran Lebowitz, Yoko Ono and Amy Schumer, whose shoot we covered here. If you know who any of those people are you’ll realize that you won’t be seeing any tits this year. The NYT has a good write-up about how there’s currently a cultural shift happening which is clearly evident with the likes of Playboy no longer publishing nude photos.

Look. It’s pretty amazing that we as a society are evolving to a point where women don’t exist solely to be objectified anymore. But the fact of the matter is I’m going to try and masturbate to this anyway. You can’t stop me.

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