Tom Hardy Is an Asshole to Everyone But His Fans

Tom Hardy got called out by film critic Drew McWeeny of HitFlix last week during a press junket for The Revenant. Drew vented on Twitter after Hardy agreed to an interview, made him wait four hours and then didn’t show up. He called him a piece of s**t. This is the second time Hardy has done this to him.

Lainey touched on her own experience with Hardy at TIFF 3 months ago where he spent time with fans in the pouring rain while blowing off the press. Basically, being fan-friendly as a way to shirk his responsibilities. Call him out for being a brat? Boo! Hiss! He can’t be. He kissed a baby! Media is cancer!

Add to this McWeeny has seen Hardy make his own publicists cry and be an all around asshole to most of his team because he’s hungry, tired or what have you.

You know what I say to all this? Pish posh. Clearly, the time of a celebrity is more valuable than that of a us normals. It’s been mathematically proven. They belong on a pedestal out of arm’s reach from our dirty grease-stained peasant fingers. When they decide not to do something on a whim, no one should call them out on it. No, people should be happy that a celebrity even gave them a glimmer of hope that they would let some reporter jerk them off during an interview. For actors are precious and a limited resource. Especially in LA.

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