WATCH: Matt Bomer Dance To ‘Hotline Bling’

It’s the end of American Horror Story’s road. In typical Ryan Murphy style, the show has deteriorated into a flaming heap of garbage willing to grasp at every desperate straw in an effort in stay on top.

The dialogue of the show might as well have been taken directly from a 16 year old’s angsty twitter while every single scene of the show visually crams in every horror cliché placed in any horror movie ever.

However in an unequivocally wretched episode last night, I discovered what I never knew I needed. Matt Bomer dancing to ‘Hotline Bling’In an unexpected turn of events, Matt Bomer made what I have done every Friday night for the past several months look sexy… instead of desperate.

Cigarette in his mouth and drink in his hand, Bomer dances to the indisputable jam, much like I would if my moments were numbered. To be fair, I’m always awaiting my imminent demise so the desperate, drinking and smoking (while waiting for Drake to make everything okay) is just my state of being.

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