Surprise, The Real Face of Jesus is Not White

This reminds me a lot of when that beauty pageant chick from hick city in some backwater state said that Americans don’t have maps. Maybe she was onto something.

According to Yahoo News,

Richard Neave has thrown a wrench in the Eurocentric depiction of Christianity’s founding son. Using forensic data from the skulls of first century Jewish men, the British anatomical artist retired from University of Manchester, reimagined Jesus’ face.

It’s Jesus of Nazareth (which is in modern day Israel). Not Jesus of Suburbia.

Neave looked at the skulls of Semites from around Galilee in Northern Israel, recreating them with the help of a series of computerized x-rays. He augmented his research — for example, for Jesus’ hair — by examining drawings depicting the average man from this region and time to fill in the remaining gaps.

So in case you’re confused: This is some made up bullshit by Eurocentric white people in ye olden days who thought it was a sin to wash your ass:


This is also bullshit:


You know what’s probably not bullshit? The images created by Richard Neave:

Real face of Jesus

So let’s just go through this one more time: If a guy was born in the Middle East, 2000 years ago, before a guy from China and girl from Bolivia could meet on a plane to Greenland and fall in love and  get married and raise their children in France, and it was pretty likely people would die in the same five mile stretch of s**t hole they were born in, it’s pretty fucking likely he would have the darker features common amongst a lot of people from the Middle East.


Deal with it.

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The Bon_Scott
The Bon_Scott
4 years ago

Jesus is Santa Claus for adults.

Penni Anderson
Penni Anderson
4 years ago

I want to know where the archeological evidence came from? I mean this guy wasn’t supposed to have left anything behind except for the disciples when he was supernaturally reanimated and lifted from his grave. Can’t tell me this was based on actual forensic science if there are not any bones or bone structure to reconstruct the tissue from even in the most imaginary sense of the word.

4 years ago

No s**t he was most likely brown.

Matthew Engel
Matthew Engel
4 years ago

Wow…who wrote this s**t show? Does the author really think Christians believe Jesus the King of Kings was white? Wow…hate Christians much?

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