Woman Shocks Husband to Tears Over Pregnancy News

I’m told I’m supposed to feel things. Specifically I’m told I’m supposed to feel happiness for other people. More specifically, I’m told that it’s more appropriate to say ‘congratulations’ to an expecting couple than it is to say, ‘I’m sorry for your loss.’

Internet fame is the best kind of fame for a talentless person there can be. To be a shared over Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit in viral proportions, just once in your life means that success has been achieved. To still be dirt-poor and widely unrecognizable is fine, if you’ve had your shares and followers total into the millions just once in your life.

So what’s a person to do to achieve this success? Record everything. Every tear. Every proposal. Every pregnancy announcement. And if you can make the non-Xanax dependent person shed a tear over your video… you’re there. Like this woman who recorded her husband reacting to her pregnancy announcement. He’s deaf so he signs his reactions the entire way, until his eyes start leaking. Then all words just go out the window.

At first I thought he could just really love the complementary tastes of a Baby Ruth and Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer mingling in his mouth.

With a cheesy collection of hints thrown into a gift bag with your positive pee sticks, you too can make thousands of people hate you and your happiness.

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