5 Fast Facts About Model Devon Windsor

Learn the name, Devon Windsor. She competes on Fox’s MasterChef tonight where she’ll join Gigi Hadid for a special celebrity edition. The winner will duel for their respective charities. Windsor chose St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Windsor seems to be gaining more notoriety lately, so get to know her.

1. Windsor got discovered at a bat mitzvah

The 5’11” Windsor attended MICDS, a private college prep school in Ladue, a suburb of St. Louis. She got discovered at age 14, but never wavered about finishing high school.

“I enjoyed high school, and was not sure if I wanted to go to college or model full-time,” says the MICDS alum. “I enjoyed playing sports and even applied to colleges.

Educumacation, good for her.

2. She got told she was too big

Seriously, what model doesn’t get that?

“Originally, when I moved to Milan I had very muscular legs and a bit of a bum on me,” she explains. “When I came back to New York, it was a huge wake-up call because I had never been told my measurements were too big. I was like, ‘What do you mean? I’m healthy. I’m muscular.’”


3. She’s scared about going bald

Windsor isn’t a natural blonde. Leo DiCaprio doesn’t mind. That dude ONLY dates blondes, probably even bottled blondes. In fact, perhaps Windsor should date DiCaprio.

Her routine includes bleaching every month which can’t be good.

She needs to watch out. All that bleaching may turn her BALD! That’s a look that only works in punk rock. Unless she intends to become a spokeswoman for alopecia, keep the bleach in the laundry room.

People probably think I’m a crazy person because when I’m on set I’ll be saying, ‘Please don’t brush it too hard, don’t tease it, don’t flatiron it,’ but I’m just so scared that I’m going to be bald!

…I’ve just really done everything to save my hair because it’s thinned out a lot.

Bald is the new sexy.

4. She loves to cook

Probably why she went on MasterChef.

Well I like to cook and bake, so I make cookies, brownies and cakes for all my friends’ birthdays. There’s this quinoa fried rice that’s so good that I like to make. I’m also obsessed with Pinterest, so I go on there and look up all these recipes and try to cook them—but it’s hard in New York when you have a little kitchen, it’s not as fun as home when your mom has all the stuff and you can just lay it all out. I also have a major sweet tooth.

Quinoa fried rice. Huh, that’s a new one.

5. She dated Matt Harvey and vacations with Scott Disick

Hmm…Harvey sounds like a player and Disick is a dick. Poor choice in guys.

After Harvey broke up with his girlfriend, Polish model Ania Cywinska, he spent some time with Windsor. Windsor also flew down to Puerto Vallarta earlier in the year with Disick.

Not bad for someone from St. Louis.

[Image: Devon Windsor]

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