Adele Proves to Be Better Than Everyone When She Raps to Nick Minaj’s ‘Monster’

After the week it’s been for the wonderful people of Britain, a James Carden-Adele duo was exactly what the world needed to feign an attempt at hope again. Adele joined in another virally wonderful episode of the late, late night host’s “Carpool Karaoke”¬†segment.

It’s already common knowledge that Adele is a drop dead gorgeous woman. It’s already known that she is the soulful powerhouse of this generation. We know she’s the go-to artist to belt in a moment of drunken theatrics and/or soul-crushing heartbreak, but her off-stage persona has been left much to the imagination.

When James Corden begins the segment with a phone call to a ‘mystery guest’ using the lyrics from Adele’s most recent hit, ‘Hello’ … it wasn’t too far-fetched to expect the perfectly made up, Adele to step into the passenger’s side door. What happened to follow was really the first glimpse at the ‘everybody’s woman’ that Adele is.

Ditching her trademark beehive hair-do for a more toned down bob (hehe, I now have matching hair with Adele), the singer is far more than a Grammy-winning artist and mother. She’s relatable in her early committed relationship to the Spice Girls, claiming that when Geri Halliwell AKA Ginger Spice left the band she experienced her very first heartbreak.

Driving around London, the duo belt out many of Adele’s songs, but the world stopped spinning when it was revealed that a James-Adele harmony had been missing from our lives. After sharing some drunk stories back and forth, Corden confronts Adele with a rumor about her–apparently Adele can rap Nicki Minaj. And apparently she¬†slays!! Animated faces included, Adele’s more fun-loving side shines through. As if she could be even better than expected.

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