Alan Rickman Was Low Key Pranking the ‘Harry Potter’ Cast the Whole Time

Alan Rickman, who unfortunately succumbed to cancer last week at the age of 69, was famous for playing villains. From Hans Gruber to the Sheriff of Nottingham to Professor Snape, he was a man who knew how to get down with his bad self.

While Snape was stalking the halls of Hogwarts, making the lives of young witches and wizards a living hell, the man who played him was responsible for taking part in elaborate fart machine pranks on set.

Michael Gambon, who played Dumbledore, and Alan Rickman teamed up to f**k with Daniel Radcliffe by hiding a remote controlled fart machine in the pillow he was using in a scene, and it is gold. Rickman barely makes it through the first fart without cracking up.

Check it out below:

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