Alan Rickman Dead at 69. He’ll Always Be Remembered

First Bowie? Now Alan Rickman?  Both from cancer at 69? Yo, f**k this week.

It’s almost like the universe doesn’t want us to find the number 69 funny anymore.

Alan Rickman, one of the single most talented men in theater and film, with one of the most iconic voices of all time, has passed away. Whether you loved/hated him as Hans Gruber in Die Hard or hated/loved him as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robinhood, or one of the cool kids who will remember him as Metatron in Dogma, or loved every second of his hypnotic slimeyness as Professor Snape , there is no doubt that Alan Rickman will be missed.

Better known for playing villains, or as Rickman called them “very interesting people,” he showed his softer chops in the popular hit Love Actually and killed it on stage too.

I hope he’s enjoying a nice soothing epic tea wherever the greats go when they die.

RIP Alan Rickman.

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