Anna Faris Really Loves Chris Pratt’s ‘Incredible,’ ‘Perfect’ Balls

Anna Faris is 39? Wow, did not know. Maybe THAT’S the story. She looks like she’s 18. That’s 18 without plastic surgery.

Faris started a podcast recently called Anna Faris is Unqualified. Yet another way for stars to stay in touch with their fans. This time, Faris had on Aubrey Plaza. Somehow, Faris ended up asking Plaza, “Have you seen my husband’s balls?” Plaza said no.

Unfortunate for her because Faris couldn’t stop gushing about them. “You would remember, because they are some sexy balls. They’re perfect. They’re incredible.”

Yea, and then she added, “Except he has a 2″ penis.” Wah wah. Nah, she didn’t say that.

But, does he Botox them?

They also talked about how they feel seeing their husband or boyfriend onscreen making out with other people. Ahh, to be an actor. Faris says drunk people will ask her,

“How do you feel when your husband is kissing somebody else on screen?”

Faris says, “I feel like it’s only really weird when other people think that that it’s really weird. Then I get nervous.”

Fringe benefits of being an actor I say.

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