Anne Hathaway Poses in Bump-Bearing Bikini Beach Photo on Instagram

In a world where everything is documented and stored at your fingertips, originality is of utmost importance in the new year. While I highly doubt corny photos of dogs holding signs with “Big Brother, Baby blahblahblah Coming April 2016” chalked whimsically are going to be a thing of the past, bikini clad empowered mommas might be a thing of baby announcing future.

While unofficial announcements of Anne Hathaway’s pregnancy with husband, Adam Shulman, have circulated since the end of November, there has yet to be an official display of the bump for all the world to see. That’s the thing about being a pregnant woman, not only have you surrendered your body to your growing parasite, but total strangers seem to think your body is now theirs too! It’s a crime to want a sense of privacy especially as a celebrity. Their lives are ours for absorption.

With paid-for-hire stalkers, paparazzi nabbed a photo of the mother-to-be in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny red bikini on the beach, bump brazen for what we can assume is for the entire world to see. I mean… if you have the gall to wear a bathing suit, you’re asking to have your photo taken. So in a ballsy and boss harnessing of her new superwoman birthing machine powers, Anne did what we all do when there’s nothing else to do. She took to Instagram. Caption leaving all bullshit aside.

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