Apparently Tila Tequila Died, Came Back as a Clone and She’s Here to Disprove Science

Ever wonder what happened to Tila Tequila? Did she ever find love? Is VH1 still a functioning network? These are the questions that keep me up at night because everyone who knows me knows that if I really care about the answer to a question, I will exhaust every possible resource of relationship before I actually research the answer myself. And since I am so often thinking about Tila Tequila, I have not done a single Google search to find out her current status.

And for the most part, all chatter about Tila Tequila ceased around the same time people realized that shimmer lipgloss and blue eyeshadow looked terrible.

Did you know she has a Twitter account? Did you know that she’s not convinced the Earth is round? Yes, people still believe this! In 27 tweets and no less, she explains:

Question everything except things that have already been gone through exhaustive scientific study.

To be drug rattled and delusional is a wonderful thing (and a rite of passage).


I hear you 16th century.

I often believe scientists who are much smarter than myself, have been peer-reviewed and verified and provide a multitude of empirical data for support, yes.

Starting to sound an awful like the faux-rednecks from my hometown.

I have had sex on a plane, so I am credible, ya heard?

Not so fast, honey. Let’s not generalize. I only eat an entire Trader Joe’s.

Jenny McCarthy! You’re relevant!

As I thought about reaching for the bottle of Xanax in a final fit of apathy regarding the state of the citizens? Then I thought to myself, as if the angel on the left shoulder won out, Tila Tequila, is she worth it? 

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