Ariana Grande, Justin Beiber’s Latest Instagram Crush, Calls Him ‘Satan’

For a guy that has threesomes with English models and could bone anyone he wants, Justin Bieber spends a lot of time thirsting over random girls on Instagram.

His latest victim is Ariana Grande, who doesn’t take any s**t, least of all Bieber’s. On Wednesday, he commented on a bizarre bubble video she posted:

“Damn Ariana u look so good.”

This pissed off Ariana’s backup dancer and supposed boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez, who tagged Bieber and shot right back at him with:

“Keep looking player… I already told you she does.”

Like Ariana needs his help. She shut down Justin Bieber like a true champion on Twitter.

You tell ’em Ariana.

Maybe it’s a RuPaul’s Drag Race reference, maybe she’s just confirming what we’ve all known all along. You decide.

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